In short, no. Hexagol can be enjoyed by anyone looking to test themselves or just have fun. It is designed for the dedicated trainer as well as the causal punter wanting to test their skills

Yes, it is. The Hexagol Cell is suitable for People with a Disability. Contact us today to discuss how we can modify the Cell to suit your needs

We will require minimum 2 weeks-notice prior to event

Minimum call out is 4 hours

Yes, you must leave a non refundable 50% deposit for every booking

At the moment we are servicing Sydney metropolitan area, South Coast, Central Coast and Western NSW. If you are outside these areas, please fill out an Expression of Interest form here

Depending on the geographical location and travel times, prices may vary. Best to contact us and we can discuss pricing with directly

Depending on the activation space requirements may vary. At a minimum, we will require 23 square metres

The optimum inside can be 6 (depending on age groups) and outside Cell is 38 participants

3m x 3m wide and 2m high

No. The Hexagol Cell uses latest Bluetooth and WIFI technology for its programs

Yes, it can. Maintained, level and flat surface is a must.

Hexagol do have coaches to deliver the internal activities requiring data collection and performance measurement. We can provide qualified coaches to facilitate a clinic in collaboration with your coaches at an extra cost

At his point in time we are not selling the Hexagol Cells to the public. We are endeavouring to do so in the future. You can fill out an expression of interest form here

Yes, you can depending on the number of participants involved on the day. As a rule of thumb, we use a second Hexagol Cell when there are 60+ participants on the day

Yes, there are extra fees involved to hire a second Hexagol Cell

You will receive the following: minimum of 2 coaches, Tech Packs, online registration and Leaderboard, unique codes for participants (Academies and Clubs only), Hexman inflatables, Outside Accessories and Social Media acknowledgement

Yes, we charge a minimum call out fee

Our Cells can function fine in minor wet weather, however if it rains heavily, we will need to reschedule. Both parties will determine best outcome

No. The Cell is made from sturdy steel and covered with padding for protection

We have 4 programs for you to choose. These are; KickBoard Challenge, Target Game, High Score and Ultimate Final

Yes, it can. Please fill out an Expression of Interest form here to discuss how we can give your brand unique and exciting exposure

Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance. We can provide a Certificate of a Currency upon request.